Easy Streaming Brazen Hearts

If you're trying to listen on dial-up, or if you can't download whole mp3s because you're at work, you might want to try them as streaming audio. The following links should work with RealPlayer or WinAmp or other standard audio playing software that you probably have:

Chapter One: Brazen Hearts, Fresh, On Sticks
Chapter Two: Rico Worries About the Dungeon
Chapter Three: The Gift of the Sadie
Chapter Four: Human Boots
Chapter Five: Werewolves at Rico's Throat
Chapter Six: Even Werewolves Love to Dish
Chapter Seven: Trapped in The Gap
Chapter Eight: Dinner and a Show

Most of these chapters are available in other file sizes and formats like "ogg vorbis" or even as zip files. Just go to www.archive.org and search for "brazen hearts".