Chapter Eight: Dinner and a Show

Have you heard of the Cathouse Dinner Theatre? You go in there, see a show, have a bite to eat, or you can get up on stage and become part of the show, or eat the show. Or if you don't get eaten, you can get a room to continue with your eating or your performance. It's kind of weird because some of the species on stage are there to perform and some are there to be eaten. That's part of the variety. Whichever you want to perform on, there you go. Whichever ones you want to eat, you can butcher them yourself and have it cooked to order.
Josie slips into the Cathouse Dinner Theatre where she hopes to catch the eye of that hobgoblin she has a crush on. Or catch his tusk or anything else. First she'll have to get past the Madame and Chango the bouncer.
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