First positive review!

From: Melinda Smith [...]
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2006 4:33 PM
To: Northrup, Robert; catpft group; new pacifica; skutre
Subject: something rob made
He must have made this last night while I was sleeping. I think it is cute.

Brazen Hearts, Fresh, On Sticks

Brazen Hearts, Fresh, On Sticks - Episode 1.
Goblin soap opera, not pretty. Josie is your typical young goblin, selling freshly-grilled human hearts outside the mall, trying to survive her violent goblin family, and pining after that big, dreamy hobgoblin who just sauntered into town. Each week she describes part of her story to you, another human whose heart she will soon be selling on a stick.

Brazen Hearts, Fresh, On Sticks is a podcast serial. Holding a dayjob really cramps your friggin style if you're trying to write the Great American Novel, or novella, or get a short story published. While trying to squeeze all that into my spare time, I find myself dictating a lot of notes for stories into my recorder, which I then neglect to transcribe for a long time. Then I forget where I'm at in the story so I can't make progress with it. I figured if I could just improvise a story during my drive to work or from work, take that straight dictation and polish it a little to make a podcast, it would be fun and quick and I'd feel less pressure to find optimal word choice, or to have a brilliant hook in the first paragraph, whatever. Just blurt something, cut it off after ten minutes, leave them wanting more in the next episode.

So download that first episode at the link above. It's 5.6 Mb mp3. I'll put up RSS info or whatever later when I straighten it all out. Might use some old Lucky's Radio Theatre shows somewhere down the line, but not until I've done several episodes of Brazen Hearts, Fresh, On Sticks.
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