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Grog & Gryphon is Bill Hollweg's new fantasy audio series. "Welcome...to the Tavern of the Grog and Gryphon, located out 'ere on the edge of the civilized lands in the village of Hammerstoothe. Grab a Tankard and sit back my friends! Come and hear tell of the tales of yore, of heroic deeds and of evils most dire..."

You might notice a wizard named "Faldrun" whose voice sounds familiar, and a goblin named Murrai in later episodes. Give a listen to the trailer and see how you like it.

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Josie poses with some of the Clan Froschmauskrieg in this awesome fan art by Stephen Sakurai. Check out his webcomic "Muertitos" at http://muertitos.comicgenesis.com. Highly recommended. I was going to try bribing him with undeserved praise just so he'd keep drawing stuff for me, but it turns out that Muertitos is hilarious, so I don't have to lie. Good combination of stylish art and funny writing. He could get by as either an artist or writer for a comic strip, but luckily we get to see him do both.
art by Stephen Sakurai

Josie is at the front of the pack wiping off her cleaver. Clockwise from her you can see: Rico, Chunky, Sensi the Faerie, Beretta, SreHAAAAG the hobgoblin, (did I ever name that troglodyte?) and li'l Aunt Sadie.