Poll: What MPAA rating would you assign to this podcast? I listened to a great story called "Little Worker" by Paul Di Filippo on Escape Pod podcast. Great story, some adult situations, but at the start they warned that it was RATED X. I thought it was maybe PG13, maybe Rated R. So that made me wonder if my scales need to be recalibrated. Here's your chance to tell me if you think they do. I think Brazen Hearts, Fresh, On Sticks would be PG-13 or maybe Rated R for adult themes, but maybe it's worse than that. I can't get a fancy clickable poll to work thru blogger, so we'll have to do this informally. Please post a comment here to say how you would rate it. Thanks.
Chapter Three: The Gift of the Sadie
"Aunt Sadie made me tell her an embarassing story about my old boyfriend before she agreed to help me. And then she set loose a leopard on me. There's nothing sweeter than spending time with family, if you can survive."
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The Basketcase Show
I helped Melinda set up a podcast last night. She describes episode 1 thusly: "Call myself a cow. Talk about being moderated on New Pacifica. Slug and Lettuce review of my zine." Plus she talks about arguing with me. Oh well. To download the 11 minute long, 5.7 Mb mp3 file, see the page on Internet Archive at http://www.archive.org/details/basketcaseshow1

To subscribe to her podcast, poke around on The Basketcase Show website (http://basketcaseshow.blogspot.com).

I'll try to post a scan of the Slug & Lettuce review of Basketcase zine late tonight, if I can pry Melinda's cold, mean fingers off the computer for a few minutes.
Click here to open or download new BHFOS wallpaper! It's a 600x463 gif, not exactly optimized for use as a wallpaper, but you could use "Center" or "Stretch to fit" or "Tile". The image comes from Gray's Anatomy of the Human Body, 1918, so I'm pretty sure the copyright is lapsed. Josie's update of the diagram points to the places where she injects lemon juice, where you'll feel a slight tugging sensation, and where she puts the stick through. Here's a smaller version:
I'm experimenting with other heart images. Those hellish orange da Vinci hearts are too dark.

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Brazen Hearts, Fresh, On Sticks
Chapter Two: Rico Worries About the Dungeon

"If you saw a really thin goblin with a pencil mustache, like John Waters, that was Rico. Like John Waters only younger. And greener."
Josie's cousin Rico preaches to her about the need for sustainable dungeons activism, but eventually he suggests helpful tips on how to win the hobgoblin of her dreams.
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